Purity Test For Virgins in Medieval Times

Purity tests for virgins in medieval times did not exist as a formal practice. The idea of testing for virginity prior to marriage was a notion that emerged much later, during the 19th and 20th centuries, and was not historically or culturally accepted during the medieval period.

Purity Test For Virgins in Medieval Times

Virginity Test During Medieval Time

The concept of virginity testing and the associated notion of female chastity were not widely held beliefs during the medieval period. The idea that virginity could be proven or verified through a physical examination is a modern myth, with no historical evidence to support it. The enforcement of virginity and morality was primarily the responsibility of the individual, their family, and the Church, and was enforced through social, religious, and legal means.

Medieval society placed more emphasis on the contractual and financial aspects of marriage rather than the history of the bride. The notion of female purity was largely linked to the preservation of family honor and property rights, rather than moral or religious principles.


Why is virginity valued? In the past, people sought virgin brides for marriage, but now there are additional motivations behind virginity testing, such as the Indonesian government's stance.

For national security:

In 1979, a 35-year-old Indian woman traveling to England for her wedding was subjected to a virginity test by officials at London's Heathrow Airport. The officials doubted her intent for travel and attempted to determine if she was genuinely a virgin or fiancée. This was one of several "fiancée tests" carried out by the British Foreign Office in the 1970s, according to The Guardian.

To save the state money:

In 2003, Jamaican parliament member Ernie Smith suggested administering virginity tests to all Jamaican schoolgirls to address the issue of unplanned pregnancies. This proposal faced opposition, with some suggesting that education for students and tougher prosecution of older men who exploit young girls might be more effective solutions, according to anthropologist Deborah Thomas of Duke University in the Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology.

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