Frequently Asked Question

These are the latest Purity questions mostly girls and boys are asking in our offical website:

1) What's a good rice purity test score?

According to our official purity test scores from 91 to 100 is very good scores, Purity university announced scores from 85 to 91 for 20 to 25 age groups are very good and positive.

2) Why is it called Rice purity test?

In 1927 Rice University design quiz-based tools which is called rice purity test, which gets the purity score of users, with 100 questions, person need to fulfill with YES or No, If you will get 100 scores means you are “Pure Person” & with zero scores means completely “impure”.

3) Who created rice purity?

The Rice purity test created by Ella Menashe PO '23 and her best friend Grace Wetsel. after this test official team updated new version with the name of the Innocence test. Rice purity created by Rice university students who add few different purity questions and calculate scores based on answers.

4) How many questions are on the rice purity test?

In our official rice purity test we add 100 questions related to your life, habits, thoughts and relationship but questions are different for adults, virgins, girls & boys, under 15 to 20 age group and specially for couples!

5) What is a rice purity test Tiktok?

Rice purity test on Tiktok means different tiktok app based purity questions, This calculator team update new version for tiktok users and add some different questions related to tiktok and purity habits.

6) Is the Rice purity test safe?

Yes! Our team made this tool for positive purpose, you can use this innocence test and observe your thoughts, remove bad habits from your life and relationship, be positive and spend your time with positive thoughts and habits!

7) What is Stanford Purity Test?

It is also a same like rice purity test tool, Stanford Purity Test create by Stanford team with their own different questions and design.

8) What is the global rice purity test?

Global rice purity test is a latest updated version for all countries included USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Singapore and many other European countries.

9) What is UCLA Purity Test?

UCLA Purity Test is like a Rice purity test quiz, List of questions to poke fun at the supposedly ideal life of a UCLA student.

10) What is Berkeley Purity Test?

Berkeley Purity Test is also like a purity test by Rice university, Berkeley test also based on some life related questions for students to answer and get your scores.

11) What is the average Rice Purity score for boys?

The average rice purity score for boys "61.40".

12) What is the average Rice Purity score for girls?

The average rice purity score for Girls "63.85.