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The Rice Purity Test is a self-reported questionnaire that originated at Rice University in the 1950s and has since become popular as a way for people to assess their level of innocence or purity in various aspects of life. The test consists of a series of questions covering topics such as bad behavior and criminal behavior, with points assigned for each answer. The total number of points determine the individual's "purity score". It should be noted that the Rice Purity Test is not a scientifically valid measure of anything and should not be taken too seriously.

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Rice Purity Test History:

The Rice Purity Test originated as a 10-question survey for women in 1924, featuring queries reminiscent of a different era such as "Have you ever been engaged and broken it?" Two questions that remain from the original test are "Have you ever cheated?" and "Have you ever been drunk?" Out of the 119 respondents, 58 admitted to cheating and only 4 admitted to being drunk. The test was described as being given to "young and unsophisticated" women who would become "demoralized year by year."

The test resurfaced in a 1974 issue of the Thresher and readers were asked to fill it out and mail it in, but the results were never published. A reference to the purity test appeared in 1980 in the misclassifieds section as "The First Annual Rice Purity Contest," where couples would compete to have the lowest combined score.

In 1988, the Thresher published a new version of the test, with 100 questions worth 1 point each and a new rule to add 2 points if the question was not understood. The test included questions about homosexuality and separated them from other questions. It also included questions about crimes such as child molestation and statutory rape, with the more licentious questions towards the bottom of the list.

2nd Version The Innocence Test (Updated)

The Rice Purity test also called The Innocence Test, is a fun quiz with 100 to 500 different purity questions for girls, boys, virgins, younger, and couples, all age groups can try this quiz to know how pure they are. This quiz can help to improve our personality, habits, and social life experience. So if you are a boy or a girl, a teenager or younger than 20, you can try this quiz test, even couples can check different questions for them to know how pure both they are. so without wasting time let's try this official rice purity test now.

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The Rice Purity Test is a survey that asks a series of questions about an individual's experiences and behaviors. The purpose of the test is to determine the "purity" or innocence of the respondent. The test typically includes a wide range of topics, including personal relationships and bad experiences. It is believed to have originated at Rice University in Houston, Texas in the 1920s, and was reportedly used as a way for students to bond and get to know one another. Over the years, the Rice Purity Test has taken on a life of its own and has become a popular activity for people of all ages, not just college students.

It is important to note that the Rice Purity Test is not a scientifically valid measure of a person's character or moral standing. It is often used as a lighthearted or humorous way for people to compare their experiences and behaviors with those of others. However, it can also be a source of unnecessary pressure or discomfort for some individuals, as it asks about sensitive and personal topics. It is ultimately up to each individual to decide whether or not to participate in the test.

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